Trade Like You Would on a CEX, Across Major DEXs

Permissionless & on-chain complex functionality in DeFi.

Trade Smarter


Volume Traded


Total Number of Swaps


Sources Integrated


Order Types Available

Maximize Profitability On-Chain

Dexible lets traders set conditional, price-impact minimizing swaps.

Market Orders

Traders get instant fulfillment of the swap, using order splitting.

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Limit Orders

Input fills at or above the trader’s defined limit price.

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Stop Limit Orders

Orders trigger when prices rebound up to a certain limit.

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Take Profit Orders

Orders trigger once a profit percentage has been hit.

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Trailing Stop Orders

Orders trigger once a deviation from the peak price is observed.

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Stop Loss Orders

Orders trigger when prices fall below a defined threshold.

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TWAP Orders

Input fills within price bounds over a time period, randomized.

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Optimize Capital Efficiency On-Chain

Dexible achieves best prices across every chain.

DEX Liquidity Aggregator

An execution layer modeled after a CeFi OEMS. Dexible scans all available liquidity sources per chain to optimize swaps. Our meta aggregator SOR engine samples DEX liquidity and sizes Child Orders.

Advanced Trading Platform

Deploy capital efficiently with Dexible’s algorithmic trading strategies. Mitigate your on-chain risk. Lean into off-chain signals to drive profit taking opportunities.

Minimize Price Impact

Other than direct submission to MEV relays, no tools exist to minimize your price impact and slippage. Traders succumb to nasty externalities. Order Splitting solves this.

API Endpoint

Anyone can call the Dexible API to fulfill orders programmatically, without touching an exchange. Set trades to your own webhooks and scripts for custom strategies.

Don’t settle, Maximize Your Outcomes

Whether you’re a novice trader, pro trader, or a fund, Dexible achieves best prices across every chain.

Automated Strategies

Set range-bound TWAP limit orders, set trailing stops on volatile liquid positions.

Highly Customizable

Configurable risk policies on any trade. Set your desired transaction fee.

Hybrid Conditionality

On-chain and off-chain data streams evaluate true before orders submit.

Post-Order Analytics

Assess effective price fills versus historical spot prices to see your savings.

Welcome to Dexible v2.0

No premine. No team allocation. Minted only from activity. Learn about Dexible’s redefining v2.0 Proof of Trade Protocol and how the DXBL token works.

Step 01

Submit any trade type on Dexible.

Step 02

Get a discount if holding DXBL.

Step 03

Pay in approved fee tokens per network.

Step 04

Get a rebate in DXBL.

Multiple ways to Earn With Dexible

Explore multiple ways to earn and grow alongside Dexible.

Become a Dexible Referrer

The Dexible Referral Program lets you earn up to 20% of trade flow from your links while offering your friends a discount.

Trade Portal

Plug and play advanced DEX trading that can be injected into your app in seconds.

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Simplified conditional trading for everyone. Sits anywhere in your app.

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Instant access to our robust infrastructure, while letting you use your own UI elements.

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How Dexible Stacks Up

Dexible versus other platforms.

A Secure System

Our team includes former NSA security engineers.

Backed by the Best

Strategic players who believe in DeFi.

What others are saying

  • Dexible should be core infrastructure for any early stage token investor because it enables you to enter/exit thinly traded tokens programmatically. We use Dexible regularly for our $75 million AUM DeFi fund, Decentral Park Capital II, and love the team’s roadmap for the future!

    John Quinn
    Founder, Decentral Park Capital
  • My DEX of choice is @DexibleApp, a professional trading platform that allows me to place stop-losses, and limit orders. And the UI is stunning.

    Business Consultant
  • Blocktower leveraged Dexible's intelligent execution during a truly historic deployment of capital

    Blake Richardson
    Cofounder, Superform
  • If you want to protect your portfolio, you need to become proactive. Hedge or plan exits if the market doesn't go the way you think it will. 👉 Hedge long term crypto assets via perps/options. 👉 Stop Loss orders on all liquid holdings via @DexibleApp dex aggregator to avoid CEXs.

  • Firms like Polychain need institutional-grade gateways to DeFi trading, and Dexible has been at the forefront of developing this meaningful on-ramp that provides critical infrastructure for the digital ecosystem.

    Sam Bodick
    Fmr Head of Trading, Polychain Capital
  • The Defi exchange, @DexibleApp, is a hidden gem that few are discussing. Don't miss out! Watch my latest video to discover what you're missing.

  • We are big believers in self custody and decentralized finance. For that reason, we only trust Dexible to facilitate our large DEX orders in order to minimize slippage and prevent MEV bots from hurting our finalized execution price.

    Electric Pill DAO
  • The platform has a Good User Interface, Perfect for Traders!


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